Eat Green Tea

Have you eaten your green tea today? Yes, that's right. We said eat your green tea. Runnerbox subscribers received a sample from in their August/September boxes. Eat Green Tea

I immediately put my green tea into my morning smoothie with kale, banana, berries, Greek yogurt, and almond milk. I couldn't taste the tea, but I definitely got a kick of energy that morning that lasted through the day! Eat Green Tea Smoothie I know, I still haven't answered why you should eat green tea. Well, it's simple, really. We all know green tea is great brewed (I'm a huge fan of iced green tea in the summer), but did you know many of the antioxidants and nutritional elements don't transfer into the hot water. You're leaving the best stuff in the tea bag! Eating the whole leaf ensures you get the full range of benefits green tea has to offer. And while you're getting 30x the amount of antioxidants as a cup of brewed tea, you're still getting the same caffeine amounts as one cup of tea. And don't forget: green tea has long been proven to help with a broad range of aliments from swelling to digestive issues. offers whole tea leaves, as well as powered green tea. Both contain the same amazing nutritional values. The powdered is great for baking and adding a bright green color to foods. I prefer the whole leaf (I use my spice grinder to create powered tea when I need it), especially in smoothies and savory dishes (it's great in pasta sauce or for grown-up green eggs and ham). powdered green tea The folks at have gone above and beyond to ensure their Certified Organic green tea is free from chemicals, pesticides and toxic water sources. They continually test the tea from their farmers to ensure you're getting the highest quality tea available. Not sure how to use your green tea? Well, has you covered! They frequently update their recipes section with new ideas. I bet you never would have thought to add green tea to mashed potatoes or cookies! So don't forget, Runnerbox your green tea today! And be sure to check out the promotional code inside the box for 30% off your next order of!

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