Meet Our Ambassadors: See Sharp Run

We are excited to welcome Linzie of See Sharp Run to our Ambassador Team! He is an accomplished runner with a great blog, check it out!
Linzie is a marathon runner who discovered his love of running by accident. After taking up jogging in 2011 to begin living a more active and healthy lifestyle, he discovered that running was fun and was a great way to relieve stress. He ran his first half marathon in 2012...and ran 8 more that date he has run more than 20 half marathons. He ran his first marathon in 2013 and has run more than 10 marathons including the Bank of America Chicago Marathon and Boston Marathon. He is now aspiring to run ultra marathon distances of 50K, 100K, and eventually 100 miles. He never stops shooting for the stars and helps to motivate others to do the same.
Twitter: @SeeSharpRun
Instagram: @SeeSharpRun1

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