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Subscription boxes have been taking the world by storm over the last couple years and we decided to jump in and see what’s out there for runners. So whether you’re looking for something for yourself or someone close to you, we figured there had to be a box out there for everyone and we were pleasantly surprised by the results. Our goal wasn’t to find the perfect or cheapest box out there because all fitness related boxes tend to have their own focus. Instead, this is intended to give you a look at all the options out there and explain who these boxes might be best suited to. Now, let’s open some boxes!


StrideBox comes in a nice little family friendly designed box and across the board the branding is on point. They offer a nice little “Stride Guide” with information on each product including perceived values and then also a recipe and workout card as well. Each box includes an “Essential” which in our case was a Silicon LED armband, well worth the cost of the box alone. The products inside were a decent mix providing an interest cross section of new products on the market. This included a bar, crackers, a gel, a Hotshot, Yogi tea, and Cal-ez. They include a guide for when to use each (Before, During, After), but really I treated this box as a way to check out some new products in lieu of adding them to my training regime.

SubscriptionBox StrideBox Overhead
All the goodies in the StrideBox

Cost: $15 month

Verdict: So the good here is that its cheap and the entire system including the little recipe card are well designed. The LED arm band recoups most of the cost of the box, but part of me would spend $5 more on this one for a few more goodies and maybe choose something outside the mainstream (Powerboat, really?). It’s almost too cheap… if thats’s possible. Great for those just curious about running boxes.


TriFuel Monthly at first glance really seems to be about triathlon training and has targeted boxes to those training for various triathlon distances, BUT the Fit Pack to me really shines. The box is no frills and it still includes Workout plans for those in training along with how to use the included products. It is very well thought out and the programs are disciplined. For example, eat X at this time using Y product and even explains why you would do this. The quality of the products themselves is also great and some of our favorites (Picky Bars, Waffles, Skratch!), the included headband we received as the monthly gift was probably unnecessary and could use some creative help, yet is still a nice extra.

SubscriptionBox TriFuel Overhead
A ton of our favorite goodies in the TriFuel FitPack

Cost: $39 month, $33 month for 3 months (Fit Pack)

Verdict: The included plans and some of the updates TriFuel has planned make this very interesting for those in training. Despite the name it is definitely not only for triathletes, but definitely designed more for those with a goal in mind and a schedule. Products were great quality and some of our favorites. Overall, one of the strongest for dedicated athletes looking for solid products. Probably one of my personal favorites.


Runner Crate absolutely killed it on the consumer aesthetic front. The box is visually interesting and the sheer amount of stuff you get is almost overwhelming. I did find the contents to be a little mixed, but loved the fact there was a lot to “discover”. It felt like a LootCrate or other surprise gift box in that there is a lot of different stuff to play with. They should be careful with some product targeting, sending Pork Clouds to vegetarians, so would be good to target some of it. RunGum, TailWind, Honey Stinger gels, Hippeas… all solid products. The socks and slap bracelet pieces felt almost unnecessary and would loved just a decent pair from a reputable company. That would have put them over the top.

SubscriptionBox RunnerCrate Overhead
Runner Crate definitely has the biggest box in terms of sheer quantity of items,

Cost: $35 month, pre-pay discounts

Verdict: Clearly the visual marketing winner. This box definitely felt like the biggest quantity of goods and also had a great mix of diversity. Some of the items felt really underwhelming quality wise (socks and cuffs), but the quantity of goods meant you definitely had some fun stuff to try. And Sriracha Hippeas… mmm, who knew. I’m converted.


My Run Bag is really a perfect bag for first time runners. Its basically a challenge in a bag accompanied with fun little extras. You get a number (which is random), a shirt, and even a medal all designed around this fake run. It’s really a nice incentive and then they include other race items like a race belt, a selfie stick, muscle cramp pills, a version of Glide, etc. Ours was themed around Chinese New Year and you could really feel that throughout there entire box which was clever. All in all, it was fun and will feel exciting for first time runners.

SubscriptionBox MyRunBag Package

SubscriptionBox MyRunBag Overhead
Love the the My Run Bag “themed” their box and geared it to first timers.

Cost: $25 month, pre-pay discounts

Verdict: These guys need a box because the reveal underwhelms from an envelope. That being said, the theming of this box made it the most compelling for new runners. It basically revolves around your first time out, even creating a fake race out of it. Better quality shirts are definitely needed, but that number belt will pay for itself.


The Fun Run Box is really a “Challenge” box and the first box kicks off your experience. You then go through this process getting more challenges each month and at month six, you get your finisher’s medal. We absolutely loved the included big item in the first box, the Hydrapak water bottle, and the mix of edibles and other products was solid. The included shirt needs some quality and creative improvements, but the workout card and the whole challenge model definitely made this interesting.

SubscriptionBox FunRunBox Overhead
The Fun Run Box is all about starting a challenge, so make sure you stick it out for the full duration.

Cost: $35 month, pre-pay discounts

Verdict: The Hydrapak water bottle was the standout, but the shirt needs some help. The little training card was a good touch, but would love to see the shirt dropped in favor of more goodies. Honey Stinger waffles forever!!


RunnerBox has a few different flavors for various sports so if you are a runner, cyclist, or triathlete then they have something for you. They also do limited boxes like their Valentine’s Edition and even Birthday boxes so again, solid variety.

Overall, this one has a lot of value and discovery for such a low priced box. I found the Runner Box to have a very solid mix of quality products and I did get that feeling of “ooh, this is interesting” as I went through things. There were some great products in here that I honestly had never heard of prior. Standouts were the Redd bar, Banza, Zest Tea, and the Louva sleeves.

SubscriptionBox RunnerBox Overhead
Runner Box was all about discovery, lots of new things in here to try.

Cost: $20 every 2 months

Verdict: Nice diversity in this box and nothing felt unnecessary. The Hotshot almost burned me up pre-run (not really although I could feeeeel it in my toes), but the Banza mac and cheese… just shut up, so good.

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