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Holiday Box

Struggling to find the perfect gift for a runner? Not anymore! You'll look like a pro when you hand over this handcrafted box that's brimming with items that will make any runner squeal with holiday joy. 

They'll think you really outdid yourself as they shift through its $80 worth of awesomeness and you'll delightfully smile inside knowing you only paid $44.

Bonus: This box includes a holiday card you can personalize by adding a gift note so, with a few clicks, your shopping is sorted and you didn't even have to put on real pants.

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Happy Athletes

My best friend's New Year's resolution was to run more. I bought them the Holiday Box and that kept them honest because they couldn’t let all the awesome goodies go to waste! Definitely not a New Year’s box but good enough.

Mariah Penuela

We do secret santa at my office and my draw was a runner. We had a $50 limit for the gift so I bought the Holiday Box and when I gave it to them they couldn’t believe I stayed within the limit. What an amazing value!

Charlie McKenzie

Watching your favorite runner open the Holiday Box was incredible. The whole presentation was so elegant, festive and fun! This box defied expectations.

George Luther

I hate all the wasted materials involved in Christmas Gifts. I was impressed with the folks at The RunnerBox because the Holiday Box wasted no space, this box was filled to the brim with goodies!

Sussane Chalmers

My son is obsessed with running and his birthday is right after Christmas so I took a chance and doubled down on the RunnerBox. I bought him a Holiday Box for Christmas and a Gift Subscription for his birthday. Each box was totally unique and I did all my shopping in just a few clicks of the mouse.

Jason Haussler

I ordered the Holiday Box for my favorite runner, who lives on the other side of the country. The whole process was so easy. I was blown away and so was my friend when she received it.

Jean Dickson

I hate standing in line and rushing around stores looking for the right gift. Buying the Holiday Box made my life easy and eliminated all anxiety.

Erica Thompson

What do you get a runner who already has all the gear? I let the folks at RunnerBox make that decision. I bought the Holiday Box for my speedy wife and she got to try so many new products, she and I never would have found on our own.

Michael Fink

We live in a cold climate so motivation to keep running is very low during the winter. I bought my partner the Holiday Box for Chanukah and every time she opened it she was psyched to bear the cold weather and run!

Jordan Greenwald

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