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When you order a RiderBox subscription, a box loaded with products and accessories geared towards cyclists will ship straight to your doorstep every other month. Jam-packed with over $50+ of goods, each delivery you receive will be different, but equally obsessed over, so that it contains just the right nutrition and gear to get you out the door and en-route to crushing your goals. Starting at just $32/box, we dare you to find a better deal.

Starting from $32 /box!

Choose a plan: Pay Per Box - $40/box

Sale price$40.00

If this order is a gift for someone, let us know their email so we can keep them up to date on how to best use the products they receive. They won't receive anything from us until after they receive their box so you don't need to worry about us spilling the beans that you sent this awesome gift!

Our Pricing Plans

Pay Per Box

$40 /box

Over $65 Value!

Every second month, you'll get a box loaded with running awesomeness straight to your doorstep!

Pay $40 every 2 months

+ $5 Shipping /box

Pay Six Monthly

$36 /box

save 10%

Your boxes will ship every two months, i.e. you’ve got three amazing packages coming your way.

Pay $108 every 6 months

+$3 Shipping /box

Pay Annually

$32 /box

save 20%

Your boxes will ship every two months, i.e. you’ve got six amazing packages coming your way.

Pay $192 every 12 months

+ $3 Shipping /box

BONUS: Save 40% on shipping when you purchase a Six-Monthly or Annual Plan!

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Happy Athletes

I love discovering new products to enhance my training and racing. So many things I never knew I needed and now can’t live without! They cover all the bases.

Florence Howden

The RiderBox is a must have for any cyclist, a total game changer and motivation booster.

Jamie Ritchie

I can’t wait for each RiderBox to arrive! Great quality products that come from great quality people. 11/10.

Ricky Arnopol

I absolutely love The RiderBox! It gives me a chance to try a lot of new products that I would never have known about otherwise. You can definitely tell that they do their research when it comes to what they have in each box.

Julie Kuliecza

The RiderBox is a great mix of things I already know and love (with discount codes), things I may not have tried on my own, and things I never knew even existed. Keep it coming!

Mark Chandler