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Save yourself the time and anxiety of finding the perfect gift for a cyclist; we’ve already done that for you. This gift box is loaded with over $60 worth of items that have been handpicked and thoughtfully packaged by our team of professional athletes, solving your, “what the heck do I get a cyclist” dilemma for just for $42. (You can thank us later.)

It’s a great way to say good luck, congratulations, or just because. I mean, who really needs a reason to get more gear?

Sale price$42.00

* Please note: gift boxes are changing constantly due to inventory on hand and the image does not resemble the exact products you will be receiving in your box.



Happy Athletes!

Shouldn’t having an expert personal shopper cost more? I’m told the items in this box were awesome and totally new to the recipient.

Jenny Martin

I was a little disappointed when the box arrived and one of the recovery powder exploded inside my box, but customer service at The RiderBox was outstanding. They got back to me in a timely manner and didn’t hesitate to send me a replacement product.

Annie Carl

My girlfriend signed up for a charity ride and the Rider Gift Box brought tons of motivation and helped her rider farther and faster than she ever expected she could! I’m so proud.

Anothony DeMartini

The perfect gift for a cyclist! The Gift Box contained tons of useful products that my friend never would have found on her own. It’s not just the products in the box, but the expertise behind choosing each one.

Eric Porter

My husband got into cycling during the pandemic and since I don’t ride I wasn’t sure how to support his new hobby. That is until I found The RiderBox. The Gift Box was the perfect way to not only be encouraging but actually give them something useful.

Lily Johnson

Every year I buy my wife flowers for our anniversary but this year I wanted to go with something more personal, so I bought her the Rider Gift Box; She absolutely loved it!

Biff Stephens

Choosing the right gift is so stressful, this gift box completely eliminates the stress of picking something out from the store.

Enrique Martinez

Amazing value! Quality sports nutrition and cycling gear is so expensive, I don’t know how they can sell these boxes for so cheap. All the products were top notch and the food items were either all natural or organic.

Vanessa Lopez

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